Payel Majhi

College is the dreamland of every student’s educational career. Right from studying in school every students start visualizing how they will enjoy their college life, the freedom , friendship etc. I love my college a lot because it provides service that an ideal college should offer.

My college principal is very particular in attending lectures. They make us our bases strong. Our college teachers are our backbones. They work very hard to make our future life wounderful. They teach us what reality is by replacing the fantasy layer that is present in our mind. The staff’s in our college greets us in a friendly manner. I am really grateful for being the student of my college.

Our teachers teach us very well and try their very best in order to make us understand. They share their experiences which help us to study in effective way. Moreever, they use smart teaching tools viz. Powerpoint presentation, slides, videos To make our study more effective.our college understands the importance of library and laboratory.the laboratories in our college is huge, organised and well maintained .students get enough space to do their experiments in a focused way.all the instruments work effectively and are in good conditions. We love doing new experiments everyday.the library in our college is really a great place to read more books on the subjects we are interested in. It really enhances our knowledge. We can issue and make notes from the good quality books available in our college library.

College life is known to be one of the most memorable year of one’s life. It is entirely different from school life. Our college expose us to new experience and things that we are not familiar with. Our college is making us more confident day by day by throwing new challenges .the friends which i have are really awesome. They are encouraging, helpful, problem solving etc. We all stay like a family. We share our different cultures, food etc. Everyone is unique, and that uniqueness defines us. We get to know the special qualities, talents they possess that make them more attractive.

Due to current covid situation we all are staying in home and enjoying the online classes but we all are eagerly waiting for the reopening of our college and enjoy the academics and college life with our friends and teachers. Hope the current covid situation becomes normal soon and thereby the environment gets better