Our college have an excellent ambience for education with high privileged hostel facility for both boys and girls separately. Students need to submit hostel fees by 5th of every month. Fees structure is as follows :-






























Our hostel follows following rules and regulations :-

1.    All authorities of hostel management lie with the Wardens and Principal. Principal is the custodian of all the hostels.

2.    The accommodation shall be provided for a complete course duration, which can be further withdrawn considering student’s conduct in the hostel. There will be no relaxation in the annual hostel fee if a student leaves it in between the session due to failure in academics.

3.    Only pure vegetarian food will be served in the mess.

4.    All medical aids shall be made available by the hostel management; however, charges for which shall be borne by the students.

5.    No student shall enter the mess kitchen or instruct the kitchen staff or take away any crockery/cutlery from the mess.

6.    No   student    shall   wash    their   clothes    in   hostel    premises   (except undergarments).

7.    The students can go out side the hostel only on Sunday & during occasions/festivals with permission. Only the warden has authority to permit off-campus visits, if necessary. Students should always enter their time out/time-in and the purpose of going-out in the hostel logbook. Students shall ensure their return back to the hostel latest by 8.00 p.m.

8.    Disciplinary action will be taken against if an inmate student fails to attend the college without proper reasons and its information to the warden.

9.    Extra tuitions and coaching classes are strictly prohibited. Alternative help in this regard will be considered by Grievance Redressal Cell.

10. Students should use their own lock & key for their rooms and belongings. 11.Ragging or any disturbance to other students by speaking loudly or playing

music/TV is not allowed.

12. Chewing of Pan/Tobacco/Pan Masala, or smoking or consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited.

13. No cooking is allowed in the living rooms.

14. No student shall visit other’s room after 11.00 p.m., a penalty of Rs. 200/- will be imposed on inmate found guilty of doing so.

15. If conduct of a student is not found satisfactory, the college management reserves all rights to get the accommodation vacated any time and the deposited fee for the current year will be lapsed.

16. No student shall interchange the allotted room/furniture/fixture etc. No additional electrical fitting or usage of other electrical/electronic appliances/cooking is allowed in the hostel.

17. Self-housekeeping is done by the students to maintain their rooms neat and clean.

18. Parents/guardians/day scholars are required to take warden’s permission to see their ward/classmate. They will meet in the common room only. No

entry of outsider shall be allowed in the hostel rooms. Outsiders shall not be allowed to visit after 8 pm.

19. Any loss or damage of the hostel property shall be recovered from the student, individually or collectively.

20. The hostlers are allowed to go their home place/out of station through warden consent. Students are supposed to submit application duly signed and approved by the college authorities to the warden before leaving the hostel. If they go without submitting hostel leave then a penalty of Rs. 2000/- will be imposed on the candidate or if they do not return on the mentioned date then a penalty of Rs.500/- per day will be imposed.

21. All inmates are required to follow daily standard schedule that comprises morning breakfast and tea 8.30 to to 9.30 am, attending college between

9.45 am to 4 pm, lunch from 12.30 to 1:30 pm, evening tea from 5.00 to to

6.00 pm, dinner 7.00 to 8.00 pm and going to bed by 11 pm .

22. Non-compliance to any of the hostel rules and regulations shall be treated as misconduct and appropriate action shall be taken against the student.