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Momin Modina Khatun

“COLLEGE” Stands for,“Candidate observation and Learn Lecture to Execute Genuine Education” that means a place where students get higher education. This type of place is our beautiful college, Name :- Bengal College of Pharmaceutical Technology in Dubrajpur , Birbhum . I am witness as a student of this beautiful college. I am glad to get an opportunity for complete my diploma in this college. This college is peaceful and dream – born place.

The college has many classroom. The classrooms are very airy and hygienic, also has some laboratory room, botanical garden, has a big play ground. Our college has girls and boys hostel. This college has a big entrance gate and this gate stands an opportunity for a students, they open the opportunity and fulfill their dream through this college. We are get few honourable and respected teachers. All the teachers are behavior like friend with all the students. The communication between student and teachers very well and honest. Our principal sir is very honest and kind person.

Our college organized many sports and game, also organized annual function. My college also helped students to make a well cultured personality through many cultural programme like Bharat Natyam, chhou dance, kathakali, singing competition, drama competition etc. This college also provide to develop a good personality through good behavior to other person. Study is most important part in our life, but I belive that one thing that is a main ldentity of student or other person is “behavior” which is learn as well as studies from our beautiful college by expert teacher. Hence, I belive that this is my best college to fulfill my dream. I remember that summer day when I take admission in this college I think that, “The college take me as a son and say this is your field to reach your dream, however cames difficulty, you don’t loose your hope one day, you touch your dream”. Now a days I feel this memory…………………….

Finally I say without any hazitation that, “I LOVE MY COLLEGE VERY MUCH AND COLLEGE ALSO LOVES ME ”