Mon - Fri, 9 a.m to 6 p.m

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab

The Bengal College of Pharmaceutical Technology is well equipped with laboratories and equipment. Our laboratories are fully modified and follows all the aseptic techniques including sterilization, disinfection and sanitization. Our laboratory is supervised by a panel of professionals with proper education, qualification and training. In this the student will learn to aware about the microbes that are the foundation of the biospheres. Microbiology has proven to be essential disciple in biology and allowing us to understand how some organism cause disease. Our laboratory provide laminar air flow, autoclave, hot air oven and also helps the student to know about bacterial culture by sample staining. In this laboratory student will learn about sterility testing of pharmaceutical product, from this laboratory students will understand the method of identification, cultivation and preservation of viruses. Our laboratory provides various sterility testing of pharmaceutical products that it will be very helpful for the students for future aspects.